5 Tips To Bet Better

  • September 10, 2018
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When it comes to betting, you have to have a series of basic rules. If we follow them with constancy, we will notice the positive results in the medium term, without a doubt.You do not have to be Einstein to follow these rules, so go ahead and meet these 5 tips:

1.Never bet more than 5% of your total money on a single bet. It is basic that losing a bet, does not suppose a drama for our strategy. If we lose 5%, it will never be a tragedy.


2.Set three levels of bet depending on the confidence you have in the bet. Related to the previous point, depending on the level of confidence and security you have in your forecast, you will have to give a total percentage of your money.We propose these levels.- High confidence: 5%, Average confidence: 3%- Low confidence: 1%.


3.Calculate the actual probability of the quota to discover if the quota is good or not. To know the percentage probability of the fee you only have to divide 1 between the quota.


4.It is impossible to find a good bet in every game. For the simple fact that we want to bet on a match, does not mean that we are going to find a market that is going to fulfill the formula that we have explained previously.If you can not find it, do not bother looking for it. Wait for the next opportunity.


5.Needless to say, but information is power. The more we know about a certain party, the better the better. There are three fundamental aspects when it comes to betting on a match.- Moment when both teams arrive.- Results of the duels between both opponents.- Part of casualties of the teams.

If you follow these 5 tips, you will improve your results in sports betting. In addition, they will help you to be consistent and follow a clear strategy.

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